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Uber Glow Mystery Box!

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2Lbs Assorted sizes - Uber Glow Rope

Uber Glow in the dark rope is incredible and glows for a long time. This box is a great value to get your hands on this stuff. Great for Tent lines, Zipper pulls, guided paths, lanyards, Key fobs, bracelets, low light markers, knife handle wraps, and basically anything you can wrap it around to better see it in the dark. Glows for up to 14 hours!

Sizes include but not limited to:

  • 550 Paracord
  • 3/32" Tactical
  • 1.18mm Micro Cord
  • .75mm Nano Cord

Mostly short sections that don't make full length. All usable lengths, not tiny tails.

 Unfortunately, we can not guarantee micro glow spool remnants at the moment as supply is limited.

AUG 16th 2021:::Almost all of these boxes are going to contain short hanks of 25' 550 glow that didn't make premium quality.

 Sorry, but assorted boxes can NOT be returned


*Test results were in absolute darkness. Ambient light from the moon and other light sources will effect the visible performance of the product.

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