Atwood Rope manufactures custom braided rope and cord products for many different industries and OEM applications. We have designed and engineered solutions for many companies, whether they come to us needing a solution or if they have designs ready for manufacturing. We have state of the art machines and equipment for braiding extremely small cords and large ropes over 3 inches in diameter.


Industries and applications we serve:

  • Mining                              • Marine
  • Water Utilities                   • Fishing
  • Electric Utilities                 • Military & Defense
  • Cable over braiding          • Transportation
  • Medical                             • Agriculture
  • Pet & Animal products     • Sporting Goods


Materials :

Technora ®                            

Dyneema ®   / Spectra ® / UHMWPE                      

Vectran ®

Kevlar ® / Aramid /

Twaron ®

Nylon 6

Nylon 66



Electrically Conductive Yarns - ECY


Spandex ®



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