We are the manufacturer factory direct proudly made in the usa made in ohio
Atwood Rope MFG is one of the largest 550 Paracord manufacturer in the USA. Based in the heart of Ohio, we are within 600 miles from 60% of the United States and Canadian population, this is a huge advantage for delivering our goods and services faster and more efficiently within the United States. We also export to nearly every country on the planet. As a top USA manufacturer, we have pushed forward with many leading innovations such as; Reflective Paracord, Glow in the Dark Paracord, Kevlar® Paracord, UHMWPE Paracord, 95 Paracord, 550 Paracord, 750 Paracord, 1100 Paracord, and half size Paracord that we call 275 Tactical. We set many of the color pattern standards which are followed by other top manufacturers.
Paracord 550 Proudly made in the usa bracelets crafting general utility
Paracord is one of the most versatile cords on the planet. The innovative materials used in Paracord contribute to its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring it can handle demanding tasks without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to your gear. With an incredible 550lb tensile strength, Paracord can easily perform tasks and jobs that other similar cords cannot. All these features make it the perfect rope to carry daily, whether it's in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or in an apparel item.
7 inner strands of core nyon superior strength and quality
One of the most important design features of 550 Paracord is the 7 inner strands of core. There's no fake polypropylene sheath or cheap filler cores that compromise the cord's performance. This means you get a reliable rope that lives up to its reputation.

If you find yourself in need of a longer length for a specific project or require multiple smaller cords for different purposes, simply pull out the internal strands. You can easily turn 50ft into hundreds of feet of usable cordage.

By ensuring the authenticity of our 550 Paracord, we guarantee that it meets a minimum break strength of 550 pounds. This strength is a standard that ensures the cord's reliability for various applications, from outdoor activities like camping and hiking to emergency situations where a strong and versatile cord is essential.

We take great pride in providing products that meet or exceed strength requirements, and we test all our ropes on state of the art digital testing equipment to guarantee quality performance.

minimum breaking strength graph showing nice even resistance line before break
7 inner strands of core nylon superior strength and quality
We have 100+ colors in stock and have custom made over 1,000 different color patterns. We offer custom colors or custom designed colors with minimums allowing you to personalize your Paracord to suit your specific needs and preferences.

With countless possible color and pattern variations, you can completely customize your own designs and make your dream a reality with our online Paracord Creator.

Mil-spec paracord mil-c-5040H berry compliant government contractor
Mil-spec Paracord is unique in how it's constructed and put together. With stringent enforcement of the way that the nylon is produced and manufactured yields itself to ultimate reliability, strength, and being able to survive the harsh environments in which the rope will be subjected to. It's high-tech materials and construction enables it to be lightweight, strong, and compact. With an incredible strength, mil-spec paracord can easily perform tasks and jobs that other similar cords cannot. By pulling out the internal strands you can turn them into hundreds of feet of usable cordage. All these features make it the perfect rope to daily carry, whether it's in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or in an apparel item. This cord also carries inside it the factory stamp of official mil-spec markings on the inner core.

With a proven track record dating back to WW2, paracord has made a well-deserved name for itself as being one of the best cords ever made. Whether it's supporting a soldier on the battlefield or a hanging flower pot at the house, this cord is ready to go to work for you. How you need it, where you need it and when you need it.

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