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Kevlar & Dyna X Mystery Box!

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2Lbs Assorted sizes - Kevlar Rope & Dyna X

Kevlar & Dyna X Assorted Mystery Box

Kevlar is super strong and heat resistant and has
been used in bullet proof vests for years and now you can
have some of that same strength too!

As if Kevlar wasn't amazing enough, Atwood Rope brings you Dyna X. It's made from one of the world's strongest fibers UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-PolyEthylene); the same material being used in high strength operations all over the world.

The real power of Dyna X Paracord is its ability to be much lighter, stronger, and more durable than regular 550 Paracord. Its composition allows it to float on water and nearly zero stretch before breaking.

Both are great for search and rescue, tag lines, survival bracelets,
key fobs, lanyards, boot laces, gear loops ETC.

This is especially great for fire fighters and military. A must have for all hardcore survivalists and is great variety for the price, Get a real feel of our Kevlar & Dyna X lines of rope.

Sizes will be one or more of these:

  • 550 Paracord
  • 3/32" Tactical
  • 1.18mm Micro Cord
  • .75mm Nano Cord


Mostly short sections that don't make full length.

All usable lengths, not tiny tails.

Sorry, but assorted boxes can NOT be returned