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Dyna X Blue MPC 550LB

$ 12.99

DYNA X Blue - Multi Purpose Cord 550LB

Made from one of the world's strongest fibers UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-PolyEthylene); the same material being used in the next generation bullet proof vests. This cord is very small, yet ultra super strong!

 The real power of Dyna X is its ability to be much lighter, and stronger than polyester and nylon materials. Its composition allows it to float on water and has nearly zero stretch before breaking.

• 550 Lbs MBS 
• 61+ Feet 
• Diameter .08inch / 2.032mm  
• Ultra Strong and Ultra Low Elongation ( Stretch )  
• Lightweight
• Super Slick
 Will not Absorb Water
• Superior Quality
• Made in the USA
• Made from UHMWPE