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9/32 x 100ft - Neon Guitar

$ 31.99

9/32" - Polyester Neon Guitar

Bigger and more durable than it's smaller counterpart, 1/4". Just smaller than 5/16", which removes the unnecessary bulk. This fits in a perfect center spot just in between these two sizes with its own unique comfortable to handle, tighter knit, and useful build.

With a tensile strength of 1800 LBS, it's far stronger than the 600Lbs of the 1/4" normal utility; this makes this rope a super utility! Camping? Yes. Around the house, useful? Yes. Pack in your bag? Put in your car? Absolutely. Neon style pattern? Yeah! 


  • Diameter: 9/32" / 7.15mm
  • Tensile Strength: 1800 Lbs / 816.47 Kg
  • Length: 100ft / 30.48m
  • Weight: 38 oz / 1.08 kg
  • UV Resistant
  • No rot or bleed
  • Made in the USA