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Dyna X Paracord

$ 17.99

Dyna X Paracord

As if Paracord wasn't good enough, Atwood brings you the Dyna-X Paracord.

Made from one of the Worlds strongest fibers UHMWPE, the same material being used in the next generation bullet proof vests.

This is the ultimate paracord to own, it's extremely strong and even lighter than regular paracord.

With more Than two times the minimum breaking strength as paracord, Dyna-X is bring the next level in survival cord to you, empowering you Achieve more with a new superior quality cord.

For the most avid survivalist and die hard paracord fans we bring you the best. Dyna X Paracord

• 1250 Lbs MBS

• 140 Lbs MBS Per Core

• 575 Lbs ( sheath only )

• 7 Strand Braided Cores

• Ultra Strong

• Lightweight

• Super Slick

• Superior Quality

• Made in the USA

• Made from UHMWPE

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