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550 Paracord - Custom Patterns

$ 319.96
4000ft (4 x 1000' Spools)
1 = 4 spools

Completely customize your paracord! A lot of people have just a pattern that they have envisioned in either making or buying or finding, but it just doesn't seem to be out there. This is a chance to seize that opportunity and make it your own. The minimum quantity is the length of one run, which is 4000'. (4 1000' spools)
The lead time is 2 weeks for 550 Paracord (If we don't have the colors no can do, which is shown by the red "x"s in the color pattern picker).

On international and overseas orders, there may be customs/taxes at the border.

Paracord is one of the most useful cords on the planet. It’s high-tech construction & materials enables it to be lightweight, strong, and compact. With an incredible 550 lb tensile strength, paracord can easily perform tasks and jobs that other similar cords cannot. A really impressive design feature of paracord is the 7 inner strands of core because by pulling out the internal strands you can turn 50ft into hundreds of feet of usable cordage. All these features make it the perfect rope to daily carry, whether it’s in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or in an apparel item.


  • Diameter - 5/32" (4mm)
  • Tensile Strength - 550 lb. (249 kg)
  • Weight (oz/100ft) - 8oz (227g)
  • 7 Strand Core (8 lines in 1 )
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Color will not run or bleed
  • UV & Rot Resistant
  • Made in the USA


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