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3/8 Kevlar - Red w/ Blue Tracer

$ 60.00

Kevlar 3/8"

More than double the strength of our 3/8's utility.

Kevlar 3/8's  is super strong and heat resistant. Kevlar has been used in bullet proof vests for years and now you can have some of that same strength too! We have taken the same high-tech fiber and made a rope that is super strong--4500lbs test! It is lightweight and heat resistant up to 900 degrees F.

Great for search and rescue, ETC.

• Tensile strength -  4500 lbs / 2040 kg
• Weight (oz/50ft) -  oz /  g
• Long Lasting & Durable
• Full static core
UV, Chemical, & Rot Resistant
• Heat resistant
• Lightweight & strong
• Made in the USA