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3/4" - Dozer 2 - White w/ Double Blue Tracer

$ 75.33

16 Strand - 3/4 inch Dozer 2 White w/ Double Blue Tracer

Heavy duty construction Arborist rope made to last with high tenacity polyester. Dozer II is the Flagship powerhouse of rigging ropes, Designed with a 50/50 sheath to core ratio it delivers superior abrasion resistance and longevity. This incredible sturdy behemoth of a rope is made with the finest materials and manufacturing processes, this rope is ready for hard and rigorous work.

Ideal for Rigging / Dozer 2

  • 16,000 lbs - Tensile Strength
  • 16 Strand Construction
  • 50/50 Sheath to Core Ratio
  • Spliceable
  • HT Polyester fiber
  • High flexibility, low stretch 
  • Requires no Milking
  • Made in the USA




Arborist, Rappelling and technical rope work are potentially hazardous activities and cannot be made safe. Any person using Atwood Rope products in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and assumes all risk and responsibility for any and all damages or injuries of any kind, including death which may result from misuse of Atwood Rope equipment.