TRD: Tactical Rope Dispenser

tactical dispenser

What is a Tactical Rope Dispenser?

The TRD is a self contained rope dispenser that will deliver a true 550 lb test Paracord reliably so you do not have to deal with knots or tangles. With it's built in cutting blade, you can cut what you need and store the rest, saving time and energy from repackaging bulk cord.

The TRD also comes Standard with a heavy duty belt clip. When worn on the hip, the TRD can easily be used one handed. This can be carried many ways: hip, mounted to your pack, stored in your vehicle or in your toolbox. It will be ready for action when you need it. The Tactical Rope Dispenser makes using cord fast and easy! When you need it, You've Got it!

Why is Paracord so good?

8 Lines in One!

Paracord is one of the best cords to keep with you due to its construction. With it’s massive 550 lbs minimum breaking strength, this cord offers more than just toughness. The inner cores can be pulled from the sheath when more cord is needed. If you pull the 7 strands of core out from the center of a 50 ft section, you will have 8 different lines of 50 ft each leaving you with 400 ft of cord. Additionally the core's design allows it it break down ever further if needed.

Who can use TRD?

Almost anyone!

Almost anyone can benefit from the TRD. This was designed for military purposes but goes to work for nearly everyone, law enforcement, fire fighters, scouts, hikers, hunters, stage and riggers, contractors, construction, handymen, and anyone who uses cord at anytime.

Tactical Dispensers are Reloadable.

The TRD can be reloaded.


WARNING: This product contains a blade with an extremely sharp edge. Use Caution when handling this product. Mishandling or incorrect use can result in serious injury.