Atwood Rope MFG Ready Rope™ most versatile cord dispenser
gear loop built in cutting blade reloadable storage compartment
ready rope shop hanging style
Made in the USA

Ready Rope™ Cord Dispenser

100ft of tangle-free paracord when you need it!

Ready Rope™ neatly stores and delivers tangle-free rope quickly and reliably when you need it! Simply unwind the length you need, cut it with the build-in steel blade and you're done! This comes pre-loaded with 100ft of 550 Paracord ready for use. With its built-in storage compartment, you can keep survival items like a lighter / fire striker, fishhooks, splicing tools, meds, multi-tools, etc. Keep this handy device in your home, workshop vehicle, toolbox, bug-out-bag, backpack, and more.

  • Tangle Free Cord Delivery
  • Built-in cutting blade
  • Built-in storage compartment
  • Reloadable
8 lines in one


Not only is the Ready Rope™ designed and manufactured in the USA directly from Atwood Rope MFG, but our 550 PARACORD is manufactured side-by-side. The core has 7 strands of cabled nylon, each at 50lb test strength. Made to the highest standard.

  • 8 Lines in one
  • 7 Nylon inner strands
  • 100ft, 550Lb test
  • Built in Gear Loop
reload the ready rope™ with your favorite cord


Ready Rope™ can easily be reloaded with your choice of Paracord or any other similar cord making it even more versatile. Can be reloaded with Reflective, Glow in the Dark, HMPE, Kevlar and more.

ready rope™ top view main cutting blade carbon steel


The built-in cutting blade is made form razor-sharp high-carbon steel to allow the paracord to be cut instantly at any length you desire.

lighter not included storage compartment


With its built-in storage compartment, you can keep survival items like a lighter/fire stricker, fishhooks, splicing tools, meds, multitools, etc.

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