Micro Cord Dispenser: Mini TRD

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What is a Micro Cord Dispenser?

The Micro Cord Dispenser is a simple, compact, lightweight tool that makes using cord fast and easy. Simply pull out what you need, cut it and your done. It is the perfect companion for your home's utility drawer, craft table, tool box, glove box, or work shop.

The Micro Cord Dispenser has a gear loop built in for attaching a carabiner, tether, or retractable lanyard. It has a built-in tension control lever for controlling how you need your cord. One of the best features is the integrated cutting blade. There is no need for additional tools such as a knife or scissors for cutting, and it's recessed for safety. 

Why is Micro and Nano cord so good?

It is a high tech braided cord that is incredibly strong for it's size and weight. Micro cord is 100 lb test and is capable of handling some big tasks as well as everyday uses around the house, garage, work, garden, ETC.


• Rope Diameter - 3/64" / 1.18mm
• Tensile Strength - 100 lbs / 46 kg
• Weight (oz/125ft approx) - 2oz / 35g
• Material - Polyester / Nylon

Who can use Micro Cord Dispenser?

Nearly Anyone! 

Almost everyone can benefit from the Micro Cord Dispenser. This was designed for nearly everyone. When you need a cord with superior strength at any time, this comes perfectly handy. This product is great for backpacking, camping, DIY, crafting, bushcraft, gardening, repairs, fishing, gear tethers,wind chimes, handle wraps, trap lines, zipper pulls, Macramé, kites, and so much more!

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WARNING: This product contains a blade with an extremely sharp edge. Use Caution when handling this product. Mishandling or incorrect use can result in serious injury.