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Utility Rope Mystery Box!

$ 149.99 $ 200.00


50Lbs or 20Lbs of Assorted Ropes

HUGE mix of utility ropes! 

We take the pieces that don't make full lengths and pack them here. No two boxes will ever be the same!

Varieties of Rope may include:

• Utility (1/16",3/16",1/4",3/8",1/2",5/8")


We do our best to pack a great arrangement of ropes and cord for your enjoyment. The rope is anything non-premium, but not tangled like the challenge boxes. There could be missing strands, small frays, blemishes, coreless, shorts, and other oddities.

Collect the whole set!


The 50Lbs is the shipped weight, so it includes the box it is in.

Sorry, but Assorted boxes can NOT be returned

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