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Mighty Micro Cord

Braided Micro Cord

Introducing an all-time favorite and must-have around the house, garage, job site, and hiking/backpacking trail, the Micro Cord is a thinner, lighter, and more advanced braided cord than you've ever seen before. This micro paracord's compact design allows it to be easily and comfortably carried around with you on hand whenever you shall need it. Atwood Rope's U.S. Made micro paracord is manufactured with strong nylon/polyester materials resulting in tensile strength of 100lbs / 46 kg, a rope diameter of 3/64" / 1.18mm, and weighing only 2oz / 35g per 125ft length cord. As the number one trusted supplier of paracord Micro Cord, we're proud to announce that we offer over 40+ colors and styles of Micro Cord to meet your needs and applications.

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What Is Micro Cord?

Compact and high-tech, our braided micro cord is lightweight, and incredibly strong. Micro cord is the perfect solution for tasks around the house or in the wilderness. Our U.S.-made micro cord is 1.18mm in width and comes in a wide array of colorful styles, making these rope cords perfect for crafting projects as well as more practical uses. Micro cord has a tensile strength of 100 pounds–plenty tough enough for most household and outdoor tasks.

How Does Micro Paracord Differ From Other Types?

A specific type of paracord, micro cord is simply smaller, as the name suggests. Other types of paracord (short for "parachute cord") have larger diameters (up to 5mm) and higher tensile strength. For example, 550 paracord has a tensile strength of 550 pounds, making it appropriate for heavier duty uses. As mentioned, our U.S.-made micro paracord has a diameter of 1.18mm and a tensile strength of 100 pounds — still quite strong, and in some instances, better suited for certain tasks.

What Can You Use Micro Cord For?

Micro cord has a ton of applications. Their durability and lightweight properties make these rope cords the go-to components for a variety of tasks:

  • Jewelry Making: Micro cord is the perfect base for handmade jewelry projects, like macrame bracelets and necklaces.
  • Emergency Kits & Backpacks: Keep a spool of micro cord on hand because you never know when it's going to come in handy.
  • Fishing Line: Reel in any fish up to 100 pounds with a fishing line made of micro cord.
  • Handle Wraps: Use micro cord to wrap the handles of knives, swords, tomahawks, axes and other survival tools.
  • Lanyards & Keychains: Use a colorful combination of micro cord to create a lanyard or keychain that represents your team, alma mater or a favorite charity.
  • Wind Chimes/Dream Catchers & Other Crafts: Using micro cord in your projects ensures they'll be enjoyed for many years to come.

Atwood Rope Has The U.S.-Made Micro Cord For Your Next Project

Crafted of polyester/nylon, lightweight and strong, our micro cord is UV- and rot-resistant, and its color will not bleed or run. Find your colors and get started on your next project with micro cord from Atwood Rope.

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