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3/8 Static - VooDoo Blue

$ 24.99

3/8" HTP Kernmantle VooDoo Blue Static Rope

Made from high tenacity polyester fibers with a firm braided abrasion resistant sheath. This rope is also reflective making this better for outdoor situations. Polyester material is hydrophobic meaning the fiber itself  will not absorb water or moisture and dries out well. This is a great entry level Static Rope.

The blue is  bright and impressive when compared with a lot of other blues available. The UV & Rot resistance is admirable and the tautness of the line bears up to 4400Lbs of breaking strength.

Rope Diameter - 3/8" / 9.5mm
Tensile Strength - 4400 Lbs / 1995.81 Kg
Weight (Lb/100ft) - 4.2lbs
Material - 100% HTP - High Tenacity Polyester Fibers
Hydrophobic HTP
Very low Elongation ( stretch )
UV & Rot Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Made In The USA


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