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Know Your Rope!



Welcome to Atwood Rope

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On this page, we will explain the:




      of Atwood Rope.

      To help you make the right choice on what rope is best for you.


      To begin, we know that our high quality rope comes in many different sizes such as:






      However, you may be wondering what its actual real world size is.


      Thankfully, we have a picture to show you that!

      size comaparison

      Of course, with different sizes comes all different strengths!

      So in order for you to properly understand the strength of our rope,

      you must know the difference between "WORKLOAD" and "TEST LOAD".


      WORKLOAD is used to refer the everyday working usage ( measured in lbs ) in which that rope is capable of handling.


      Where TEST LOAD, is used to refer the amount of pounds of weight we used to determine the absolute breaking point of that rope, this can also be known as Tensile strength. 


      You can also find most of the work and test loads printed on the labels on our rope products too. 


      Below is a list of the sames ropes from the comparison picture above, with its workload and test load highlighted.


      5/8 Utility

      Workload: 300 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 3,000 lbs approx.


      1/2 Utility

      Workload: 220 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 2,200 lbs approx.


      7/16 Static Rappelling

      Workload: 790 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 7,900 lbs approx.


      3/8 Utility

      Workload: 120 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 1,200 lbs approx.


      1/4 Utility

      Workload: 60 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 600 lbs approx.


      3/16 Utility

      Workload: 30 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 300 lbs approx.


      550 Paracord

      Workload: 55 lbs

      Test Load: 550 lbs


      3/32 Tactical

      Workload: 27.5 lbs

      Test Load: 275 lbs


      1/16 Utility

      Workload: 10 lbs approx.

      Test Load: 100 lbs approx.


      1.18mm Micro Cord

      Workload: 10 lbs

      Test Load: 100 lbs


      .75mm Nano Cord

      Workload: 3.6 lbs

      Test Load: 36 lbs


      Lastly, here is some of the real world uses for our rope below.


         5/8 Utility                                                      1/2 Utility
             Hauling                                                        Adventure  
      Cargo Restraint                                                    Hiking    
      Material Handling                                                Camping    
                 Hoisting                                              Small Boat & Marine
              Garage Use                                           Hauling & Tie-down
      7/16 Static Rappelling                                          3/8 Utility        
      Safety & Rescue                                                  Tents       
      Rappelling                                                    Adventure
      Tie-Down & Restraint                                               Hiking          
              Arborist                                                    Workshop Use
             Hoisting                                                    Animal Halters
      1/4 Utility                                                     3/16 Utility
            Camping                                                 Art & Small Crafts
               Hiking                                                   Outdoor & Camping
                Tie-Down                                            Backpacking & Bug-Out
       Crafts                                                           Tie-Down 
             Animal Halters                                           General Garage Use 
      550 Paracord                                                3/32 Tactical  
           Survival & Military                                   Bug-Out & Backpacking 
           Outdoor                                                 Outdoor & Survival
         Backpacking                                             Bracelet & Jewelry 
      Bracelet & Jewelry                                       Fishing & Small Crafts
      General Tie-Down                                        Tie-down & Restraint
            1/16 Utility                                            1.18mm Micro Cord
      Art & Small Crafts                                        Art & Small Crafts
      Pole Wrap & Fishing                                    Pole Wrap & Fishing
      Bracelet & Jewelry                                      Bracelets & Jewelry
         Backpacking & Outdoor                         Emergency Pack & Bug-Out
      Wind Chimes & Tie-Down                               Keychains & Lanyards   
      .75mm Nano Cord
      Art & Small Crafts 
      Pole Wrap & Fishing
      Keychains & Bracelets
      Backpacking & Outdoor
      General Macrame & Tie-Down


        Additionally, here is a inches and metric table on rope sizes below.




      We hope you found this quick guide helpful, if you have any additional questions

      on any of our rope products, please click the link HERE, for contact information!

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